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Education / communication / creativity / innovation / entrepreneurship / network university, company, society / employment promotion / social responsibility / Andalusia / Brazil

The democratization of knowledge is allowing us to face the great challenges of a globalized world without losing sight of the transcendence and transforming capacity of local initiatives and actions.

2016 Responsible Communication Award. Corresponsables Foundation
2014 Andalucia Joven Awards. Andalusian Youth Institute. Regional Government of Andalusia
2013 Bandera de Andalucia Award of the province of Seville. Regional Government of Andalusia
From the class to the account, innovation and entrepreneurship. New education trends in communication

In the present economic and social situation, which affects how Europe is facing its near and long-term future, training has become a key element to maintain a social and economic leadership position.

The world is changing. In this new sustainable model, we all must contribute to establish, communication gains a special relevance, enhancing transparency of and access to information and collaborating in the dissemination of new values and messages. In From the class to the account, we want to contribute to the construction of a new training model adding value to the individuals that undergo training and to the society for which we are preparing them, with a knowledge internationalization perspective.

From the class to the account, is holding its 22nd edition at the University of Seville and its 2nd at the UNESP. It is a pioneer training experience where communication students (THE CLASS) have their first contact with a real non-for-profit client (THE ACCOUNT).

They work for it, organized as small agencies to provide their best advice. Students follow a theoretical and practical process that brings them closer to the everyday life of our profession and qualifies them for the ever-changing professional life.

From the class to the account, intends to become a meeting point to discuss the social function of public universities, quality in education and the generation of entrepreneurship. There are already many real agencies that have been established as a result of this initiative.

Every edition a jury made up by recognized professionals assesses the outcomes of has already become a reference for the industry.

Moreover, From the class to the account, is an observatory that allows us to analyse the evolution of the capabilities and skills of our students, as well as to experiment the evolution of communication, and especially of public relations and advertising.

From the class to the account, can take place thanks to the effort and knowledge of all those that collaborate generously year after year: contributing and sponsoring companies and institutions, professional and agencies, and naturally, the students collaborating with the organization team. Beyond the obligation, they all contribute their dedication.

From the class to the account, is holding this year its 22nd edition that once again will become a meeting place for society, the profession and the university, centred on values such as solidarity, teamwork knowledge transfer, effort, innovation and quality. It is a celebration of the value of education and communication.

From the class to the account, has been recognized with the 2016 Responsible Communication Award of the Corresponsables Foundation, the 2014 Andalucia Joven Awards of the Andalusian Youth Institute of the Regional Government of Andalusia and the 2013 Bandera de Andalucia Award of the province of Seville.

Ana María Cortijo
School of Communication of the University of Seville